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In an effort to provide infrastructure for the preservation of endangered languages, the E-MELD project holds as one of its goals the promotion of consensus regarding best practice in markup, metadata, and language identification. Building on the foundation laid at the Preliminary Workshop 2001, in Santa Barbara, this conference will focus on digitizing lexical information. Like the Santa Barbara workshop, this year's conference is intended to be a real working session. The project leaders will meet on Friday, August 2nd to clarify ideas about the architecture of the E-MELD demonstration project (the so-called "Showroom of Best Practice"). On the following two and a half days (Aug 3-5), the organizers will ask for your suggestions, your feedback on our preliminary plans, and your help in testing our ideas against your data. In an effort to preserve the workshop focus and accomplish as much as possible, we have kept the invitation list quite short this year; participants will include both field linguists and those with computational expertise.



Anthony Aristar and
Helen Aristar-Dry
The National Science Foundation
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Gary Simons
Terry Langendoen
Veronica Grondona
Douglas Whalen
Martha Ratliff
Eastern Michigan University
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