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Papers and Reports


Overview and Conclusions

  Overview and Update [PPT]
Helen Aristar-Dry, The Linguist List & Eastern Michigan University

  E-MELD 2002 Summary [DOC]
D. H. Whalen, Endangered Language Fund and Haskins Laboratories


Working Group Reports

  Work Group 1 - Principles of Lexical Description [PPT]

  Work Group 2 - Ontological Concepts for Lexical Entries [PPT]

  Work Group 3 - Lexicon Macrostrucutre [PPT]



  Script Encoding Initiative [PPT]
Deborah Anderson, UC Berkeley

  A Quick-and-Dirty Method for Measuring the Distance Between Two Languages Without Knowing Anything About Cognates [RTF]
Osten Dahl, Stockholm University

  An Ontology for Linguistic Annotation [PPT]  [PDV]
Scott Farrar, Terry Langendoen, William Lewis, University of Arizona

  Sharing and Browsing Linguistic Data [PDF]
Scott Farrar, Terry Langendoen, University of Arizona

  On Lexicon Macrostructures [PPT]
Hypermedia Lexica and Lexicon Metadata [PPT]
Dafydd Gibbon, Universitaet Bielefeld

  The Electronic Dictionary of Ulwa [HTML]
Tom Green

  Comparative Bantu OnLine Dictionary [HTML]
Jeffrey Good, UC Berkeley

  SHAWEL: Sharable and Interactive Web-Lexicon [PPT]  [DOC]
Greg Gulrajani, Max-Planck-Institute in collaboration with David Harrison & Peter Wittenburg

  The Native American On-line Dictionary Project [PPT]
Michael Hammond et al., University of Arizona

  Alaska Native Language Archive [PPT]
Gary Holton, Alaska Native Language Center

  Modeling Lexical Entries in Bilingual Dictionaries or Exegeting the UML Model [PPT]
Michael Maxwell, Linguistic Data Consortium

  Best Practices in Digital Preservation of the Spoken Word [PPT]
Oral History Tutorial [HTML]
Bartek Plichta, Michigan State University

  The Electronic Encoding of Lexical Resources: A Roadmap to Best Practice [HTML]
Gary F. Simons, SIL International

  Reflections on the Huallaga Quechua dictionary: Derived Forms as Subentries [PDF]
David J. Weber, SIL International

  Analysis of Lexical Structures from Field Linguistics and Language Engineering [PPT]  [DOC]
Peter Wittenburg, Max-Planck-Institute for Psycholinguistics, W. Peters, University of Sheffield, S. Drude, Free University of Berlin

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