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This is the 3rd E-MELD (Electronic Metastructure for Endangered Languages Data) workshop on language engineering, and is sponsored by NSF. The goal of the workshop is to identify good models, tools, and practices for annotating, creating, exchanging, and archiving texts and field recordings. It will cover a variety of data types, representational issues, and functions. Among the data types to be covered are transcriptions aligned to speech, interlinear text, and metadata. Representational issues include representing uncertain information and representing links to lexical entries. Functions include creation - how to enter data; markup - how to use markup to show structure and best present material; and access - how to query data and disseminate it.

  E-MELD Conference 2002: Digitizing Lexical Information
E-MELD Conference 2001: The Need for Standards



Anthony Aristar and
Helen Aristar-Dry
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Gary Simons
Terry Langendoen
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