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Proceedings of EMELD 2003
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Papers and Presentations
Phonetician's Panel Summaries
Demo Handouts
Working Group Reports


Papers and Presentations

  • Anderson, D. (University of California, Berkeley):
    Using the Unicode Standard for Linguistic Data: Preliminary Guidelines  [Abstract] [Power Point]
    Full Text [Word] [PDF]
  • Aristar-Dry, H. & Sriram, G. (The Linguist List & Eastern Michigan University):
    EMELD: "School" of Best Practice  [Power Point]
  • Bird, S., Bow, B. & Hughes, B. (University of Melbourne):
    Towards a General Model of Interlinear Text  [Abstract] [Handout] Full Text [HTML] [PDF]
  • Brugman, H. (MPI for Psycholinguistics):
    Annotated Recordings and Texts in the DoBeS Project  [Abstract] Full Text [HTML]
  • Drude, S. (Freie Universit ät Berlin and Museu Paraense Em ilio Goeldi):
    Digitizing and Annotating Texts and Field Recordings  [Abstract] Full Text [HTML]
  • Holton, G. (Alaska Native Language Center):
    Approaches to Dizitation and Annotation: A Survey of Language Documentation Materials in the Alaska Native Language Center Archive  [Abstract] Full Text [HTML] [PDF]
  • Hooper, W. & Kroeber, P. (Indiana University):
    Models for Integrated Text and Lexical Data at AISRI  [Abstract] Full Text [PDF]
  • Hughes, B. (University of Melbourne):
    Developing Open Data Models for Linguistic Field Data  [Abstract] Full Text [HTML] [PDF]
  • Langendoen, T & Farrar, S. (University of Arizona):
    Markup and the GOLD Ontology  Full Text [HTML] [PDF]
  • Lewis, W. (California State University, Fresno):
    Mining and Migrating Interlinear Text  [Abstract] Full Text [HTML] [PDF]
  • Simons, G. (SIL):
    Roadmap to Best Practice for Texts  Full Text [HTML]
  • Vann, R. (Western Michigan University):
    Digitizing and Transcribing Field Recordings of Catalonian Spanish  [Abstract] Full Text [HTML] [Word]
  • Weng, C., Chang, R., Zeiton, E., Chen, C., Juang, D., Huang, C., & Cheng, C. (Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica):
    Taiwan's NDAP Language Archives Project:from bronze inscription texts to Austronesian field recording  Full Text [HTML] [Word]
  • Zaefferer, D. (University of Munich):
    A Unified Representation Format for Spoken and Sign Language Text  [Abstract] [Power Point]
    Full Text [Word]

Phonetician's Panel Summaries

  • Chilin Shih (U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign):
    Sound Conversion [Power Point]
  • Jean Andruski (Wayne State University):
    Practical Considerations in Recording "Natural" Speech [Word]

Demo Handouts

  • Andruski, J. (Wayne State University):
    Practical Considerations in Recording "Natural" Speech  [HTML] [Word]
  • Aristar, A. (EMELD & Wayne State University):
    FIELD.Lex.  [HTML]
  • Chang, R., Chen, C., Lin, W., Hwang, M., & Weng, C. (Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica):
    Online Interface to the Language on Bronze Inscription  [HTML]
  • Farnell, B. (University of Illinois) & Hooper, W. (University of Inidiana):
    Annotating Signed and Spoken Text  [HTML] [Word]
  • Garrett, E. (Eastern Michigan University):
    Quill Driver  [HTML]
  • Gibbon, D. (Universit ät Bielefeld):
    Ega  [HTML]
  • Good, J. (University of Calfornia, Berkeley):
    BITC: Collaborative Interlinear Text Collection  [HTML]
  • Hughes, B., Bow, C & Bird, B. (University of Melbourne):
    Interlinear Text Facilities  [HTML] [PDF]
  • Johnson, H. (AILLA):
    Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America  [HTML]
  • Martin, P. (University of Tronto / Universit é Paris):
    WinPitch Corpus, a Tool for Alignment and Analysis of Large Corpora  [HTML]  [Short Paper PDF]
  • Neumann, R. & Keifer, U. (F örderverein für Jiddische Sprache und Kultur e. V.):
    Harvesting Uriel Weinreich's Archive of the Yiddish Language and Culture Atlas  [HTML]
  • Plichta, B. (Michigan State University):
    Digital Audio, Audio for Video, and Digital Video  [HTML]
  • Shih, C. (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign):
    Sound Conversion  [HTML]
  • Thieberger, N. (University of Melbourne):
    Audiamus [HTML] & PARADISEC [HTML]  [PARADISEC brochure PDF]
  • Weinberger, S. (George Mason University):
    The Speech Accent Archive  [HTML]

Working Group Reports

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