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Proceedings of EMELD 2004
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Papers and Presentations
Demo Handouts
Panel Discussion Summaries
Working Group Reports


Papers and Presentations

  • DeHaan, F. (U of Arizona):
    On Representing Semantic Maps [Presentation]
    Full Text [HTML] [Word]
  • Eggers, S., Langendoen, T. (U of Arizona) & Lewis, W. (California State U, Fresno):
    The GOLD Ontology [Power Point]
  • Ferrara, M. & Moran, S. (Eastern Michigan U.):
    Review of DBMS for Linguistic Purposes [Power Point]
    Full Text [HTML] [Word] [Appendix (Word)]
  • Gibbon, D., Trippel, T. & Hell, B. (Universität Bielefeld):
    XML databases (TAMINO) for multimodal data [Presentation]
    Full Text [HTML] [PDF]
  • Good, J. (U of Pittsburgh)
    The Descriptive Grammar as (Meta)Database [ Power Point]
    Full Text [HTML]
  • Nelson, H., Manookin, M. & Elzinga, D. (Brigham Young U):
    A Chemehuevi Lexicon [Power Point]
    Full Text [HTML] [Word]
  • Penton, D., Bird, S., Bow, C. & Hughes, B. (U of Melbourne):
    Towards a General Model for Linguistic Paradigms
    Full Text [PDF]
  • Salting, D. (North Dakota State U):
    Object-Marking in Bantu [Power Point]
    Full Text [HTML] [PDF] [Word]
  • Simons, G. (SIL International), Fitzsimons, B., Lanham, A., Basham, R., Langendoen, T. (U of Arizona), Gonzalez, H., Lewis, W. (California State U, Fresno) & Farrar, S. (U of Bremen)
    A Model for Interoperability [Power Point]
    Full Text [HTML] [PDF]
  • Wittenburg, P., Broeder, D. & Brugman, H. (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics):
    Databases for Linguistic Purposes [Power Point]
    Full Text: [HTML] [PDF] [Word] Appendices [Word]
  •  Zaefferer, D. (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich):
    Competition is Good for Descriptions: For a Consensus on Dissenting Entries as Desideratum for Linguistic Database Design [Word]

Demo Handouts

  • Bender, E. (U of Washington), Flickinger, D. (CSLI Stanford) & Oepen, S. (CSLI Stanford and U I Oslo)
    The LinGO Grammar Matrix [HTML]
  • Buszard-Welcher, L. (EMELD/LINGUIST List)
    FIELD (Field Input Environment for Linguistic Data) [HTML] [Word]
  • Grimes, J. (SIL International and U of Hawaii at Manoa):
    Archiving Comparative Data [HTML] [Word]
  • Hughes, B., Penton, D. & Bird, S. (U of Melbourne)
    ACLA-DB: A Database for Linguistic Fieldwork Metadata [HTML] [Word] [PDF1] [PDF2]
  • Hughes, B., Kamat, A. & Bird, S. (U of Melbourne):
    OLAC Archive Metadata Quality Evaluation Tool [HTML] [Word] [PDF]
  • Hughes, B., Kamat, A. & Bird, S. (U of Melbourne):
    OLAC Search Engine [HTML] [Word] [PDF]
  • Nelson, H., Bodily, J. & Lonsdale, D. (BYU):
    Restructuring Morphological Output for Best Practices [HTML] [Word]
  • Williams, W. & Hooyenga, S. (Eastern Michigan U):
    Ask an Expert [HTML]

Panel Discussion Summaries

  • Dahl, Ö. (Stockholm University):
    Geographical Information in Linguistic Databases [Power Point]
  • Maxwell, M. (U of Pennsylvania):
    Fixing a Legacy Lexicon [Power Point]

Working Group Reports

  • Group 1: The Entrance Hall (including Glossary, Credits)/Reading Room [PDF]
  • Group 2: The Exhibit Hall/Case Studies [PDF]
  • Group 3: The Classroom (I): Annotation, Unicode/the Work Room [Power Point]
  • Group 4: The Classroom (II): Images, Audio, Video, Conversion
  • Group 5: The Classroom (III): Archiving, Ethics, Metadata [Power Point]
  • Group 6: Classroom (IV): Software, Stylesheets/The Toolroom/Case Studies [Power Point]

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